You not take phone!


Aug 13, 2012
Meet Hafid:

After some laffs (and I won't lie, this shit is really good), notice the explanation on page 2. The now former owner of the Android phone writes about the theft:
five hours after me and my friends landed in ibiza/spain, the four of us found ourselves hopelessly drunk and naked in the sea. we put our stuff on a deck chair 10m away. when i ran back to the deck chair to get rid of my underpants, i noticed someone lying stiffly under the chair. not moving, not reacting.

Arab Aladins, naked German nymphs - this thread delivers.



The Punisher
Dec 30, 2008
The Netherlands
Haha this is actually quite brilliantly written. I love it, read the whole thing. And didn't know about that Dropbox app automatically uploading pics/vids. Time to get it myself, its always a hassle getting loads of pics from my phone to my pc. ;)