[UPDATE 23/8] Glory of BFA runs

Which glory will you be interesting in doing / repeating

  • Glory of Uldir

    Votes: 11 78.6%
  • Glory of BoD

    Votes: 10 71.4%
  • Glory of Eternal Palace

    Votes: 11 78.6%
  • Glory of Ny'lotha

    Votes: 13 92.9%

  • Total voters


Mar 14, 2018
With the expansion complete im sure lots of us are left without purpose. and that is why i propose to atleast fill 1-4 evenings of your lives with a potential way to temporarily fill the void.

With raiddays being open i plan to gauge interest in glory runs of the several tiers, so i would appreciate that people would fill in which glory runs they have interest in smashing.
Raidday would most likely be sundays but if it doesnt fit specific people we can discuss this as we learn how many wants each glory, it would also be greatly appreciated if any pro players who already got some of the glories would help out as to just have a chill evening of fun and unstressing.

Due to effective clearing we now only miss Ny'lotha (and orgozoa.)
So the plan moving forward will be next sunday where mainraid is having a day off to do Ny'lotha, orgozoa will be finished off after since theres people only needing Ny'lotha so that will take priority.

A big thanks to the people who had the glory and still joined for helps and company.
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Jul 18, 2016
I'm just a dirty casual hangaround but id be happy to do some fun glory runs :)


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Dec 4, 2009
I'd be up for going ahead and doing the achievement runs. Mostly so you'll all have to praise sunflower!


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Oct 9, 2017
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I'd be down for that, smash through with 10 people on Normal for example?
Add something in the in-game calendar?


Mar 14, 2018
Got our 10 members for most at a decent speed so i will be putting up calendar invites, since we at the time of writing got 10 members for all but 1 i'm thinking we should just do them in order. however do poke on this thread if you are in danger of missing out on something you want so we can change plans accordingly to try to make it work so as many gets to be in the runs they want as possible.


Mar 14, 2018
It would be great if you post scheduled runs here as well
was waiting to see if any objections for sunday runs before i wanted to post a schedule, but seeing as theres noone having issues i was thinking we would just see how far we got sunday, should we miss any glory we would move to next reset.

Idea is to have the same 3 hours as normal raidhours so everyone should be included.

So Sunday 20:00->23:00 servertime as usual.

2nd reset run if needed we would need to see if we clear nzoth M early again as i would like to keep it sunday, so can't decide properly upon that before we have done the sunday run and wednesday run should it be needed.


Aug 13, 2012
Hi Byako,

Thank you for organising these runs - and thanks as well to all you amazing guildies for steamrolling Ny’alotha yesterday. Had a great time, my first non-PuG raid in BfA actually. Achievements, pets and upgrades rained down on me, with the meta-achievement and mount as the cherry on top.

The last few months of BfA don’t include the very nice stuff we had in Legion - i.e. the weapon skins From the Mage Tower quests. So it’s nice to do these meta-achievements and see the current content before it becomes 5-man legacy.
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