The music thread!


The Rogue
Aug 28, 2005
Shocked to notice we don't have a music thread (that I could see) except the cover one.
So here goes.
I've seen Bruce Springsteen live 7 times (6 times with the e-street and once solo) without being a huge The Boss fan just cause he is one of the best live performers ever.
I finally got around to uploading a song from his midsummer visit back in 2003 (this is from the 2nd night), which is one of the best concerts I've been to, to youtube and I thought I'd post about it here since I know there are a couple (at least) of Bruce fans in MM.
There's a million versions of most songs already on youtube, so why did I bother with this one?
1st of all, the sound is really great for a bootleg and the version is definitive! I've never heard Roy Bittan better and the piano is really high in the "mix" which I love.
Me and my friend just shouted with joy at the 1st notes of this great tune (maybe you can hear us), which we both love.
Enough rambling! Enjoy!



Nov 25, 2005
Heard this today and I just had to post it SOMEWHERE (don`t have Facebook), and Mistas incredibly successful Music Thread seems like a good option!
That, and no one ever uses these forums anymore, I check in like once a month and the only one who posts is Mista nagging about Steam sales. :G

Lots of great music here if you haven`t heard about these guys before, like me.