Shadow Master
Mar 11, 2009
Hey guys,

I'm considering to get a new SSD because the one I currently have it just too small for both Windows, WoW and other games I want to add to it.

I'm currently running the OCZ, 128GB, SATA600, Vertex 4

I'm considering to add a Samsung, 500GB, SATA600, 850 EVO

Problem mainly is that if I want to mess around with several VM's which are on my old school disk and try to play a game that is not WoW, which is on the same disk as the VM's ,things go banana's really fast.

I could move the VM's to my NAS but tbh I think that would make them so super slow that it's unbearable to work with.

So if anyone has a suggestion for another SSD I should look at or has experience with this type then please let me know


Dec 2, 2010
I have all my VM's stored on my NAS.... works rather well tbh. I actually run most of my VMs on my NAS, too :D

Anyway, you might want to consider the Crucial mx100 (or the newer mx200) series. Best bang for the buck imo (about half the price of the 850evo). Got a couple of them and their predecessor M500 and they work rather well. Performance wise they are a bit slower than the 850evo in 500GB.