Network auto discovery software


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Mar 11, 2009
Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone knows of a good (preferably freeware) tool to be able to scan an entire network including switches, routers and everything.

I've tried some tools already like LANsurveyer but they return like half of the network as unknown or only an IP address.


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Mar 11, 2009
What I would like is a tool that's able to scan the entire network (not just devices with an IP) and shows a map as result as how things are connected to each other. I know some switches can be detected through SNMP but I don't think every switch / hub supports this.

In short. I wanna be able to walk into a company I've never been before and be able to plug in my laptop, run the software and get an entire layout of the network infrastructure. Preferably with VPN connections as well but I think that's a long-shot.


Dec 2, 2010
All tools i know of work at OSI layer 3/4 you would need something at layer 2.

You could start of with receiving the routers ARP tables via SNMP that should cover
large parts of a standard network.

After that you can try to send some LLDP may help you. Wireshark should be able to record those packages.

If that doesn't find all devices wanted, you can just try some proprietary protocols (From CISCO etc.)

I don't know of any tool that does everything you want for you, but shouldn't be to hard to code as soon
as you got the programs needed together.

Seems to do at least the LLDP Requests and generates a nice topology listing.


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May 12, 2008
I've worked with Spiceworks before. It gives a lot of information but takes a while to set up all devices to work with it if they weren't properly configured before (ie: snmp communities). For most devices it automaticly recognised the hubs/switches we used (a mix of cisco and AT), and generated a working layout with live traffic on connections and switches.

Or you could ask them for the documentation.
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