Master of Elements
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Dec 4, 2009
Topic Theft!

Down to details. My family is looking for a cheap netbook (£300-£400 region) just for some light interweb browsing but because they're technophobes try and limit the search to the well known brands (except Apple because a) they don't have anything in that region anyway and b) they only know how to use windows).

In other news I'm looking for a portable hard drive for xmas so just shout out what you think is a decent one and at a reasonable price since I am a poor student but can sacrifice some noodles for more powerful hard-drives ;)


Sep 29, 2009
Wait until Tuesday - Google are supposed to start selling their own netbook with their own OS on. Should be pretty simple to use, as it's all a web browser, and a lot less likely that your family is going to fuck it up by getting something dodgy on it. Pricing not announced yet, but I would expect it to be in the region you are after.