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    Hey guys,

    I'm going to give a short overview on what is and how to use
    Power Auras Classic.

    What is Power Auras Classic?
    Power Auras Classic is an Addon to provide all informations
    you need in a visual way.

    Why should I use Power Auras Classic?
    I started using it again after using basic timer mods
    like DoTimers or Forte Exorcist as long as I play the
    Since Destruction is pretty screwed at the moment I looked
    out for an easier way to manage my dots, buffs and debuffs.
    The result you can see in the image above.
    You can set it up the way you like e.g. show a warning if
    you need to recast [generic dot] so it will hit exactly
    when it needs to with all times added like Cast Time and
    you can easily adjust it when you get a more haste.
    No need for your brain to handle that and more capacity
    for avoiding stuff and pay attention to encounter mechanics.

    Pro Power Auras:
    - Customizable
    - Visual warnings the way you want them
    - Don't think about timings anymore
    - Don't forget about an debuff anymore (FF anyone?)
    - You could even create effects to show you when to Hero for every single boss.
    - No plug and play (But I'm here to help you ;))
    - The effects require some CPU time

    How to configure Power Auras Classic?
    If you still want to try the addon, lets get to the interesting
    What do you need?
    Get the addon from Curse or PowerAuras.

    There are two ways to configure it:
    If you're lucky someone else already created a configuration and uploaded it
    to PowerAuras Classic

    The other way involves a bit more work.
    You need to know what effects you want to get shown.
    Some examples are:
    - Debuffs on enemy
    - Debuffs on self
    - DoTs
    - Enemy/own health below/above percent
    - Cooldowns
    Most other things will also work.
    Now you need to think a bit about how you want things to be shown
    which should be more verbose etc.
    An other important thing are dependencies of spells. If a spell only
    works if a debuff or DoT is up note that. (E.g. conflagrate as a warlock)

    All settings are described in the PowerAuras Wiki with some youtube examples.
    But I'll also show you some basics.

    You may open the menu with "/powa".

    Example 1:
    DoT on the Enemy. (Immolate)
    Show warning 4 seconds before the dot runs out. (~casttime + second last tick done)

    To achieve that press New in the PAC options a new window will pop up similar to
    the one here:
    First configure the look in the top section.
    Now we look into our list and see that we have to select:
    - Debuff from the drop down menu
    - Enter Immolate into the text field just below the drop down box
    - In Combat and Alive (So it won't show up if we don't need it)
    - Enemy Target (We don't want to track that DoT on our self)
    - Spec 1 (Other specs have other spells to track)

    Thats it for this page, lets get to the timer settings.

    We select Show because we want to see the timer tick down.
    The position is up to your preference.
    With the slider on the bottom of the page we select when to show the art.
    (The timer is still shown even above)

    Thats it, you now have an effect to your liking.

    Example 2:
    Cooldown. (Shadowburn)
    Just track the Cooldown if enemys health is below 20%. (Otherwise the spell isn't

    Create a new effect.
    This effect is triggered when the enemy health is below 20%, so we don't need any
    graphics and select Text Aura without any Text.
    The settings below are pretty self explaining again.
    We select Health, a 20% treshhold and enemy target.

    Now we get to the actual effect.

    The art is again in your hand.
    We select Spell Cooldown and enter Shadowburn into the text box.
    Now comes the new thing. Enter a 3 into the text box just below the
    one for spell names.
    This ensures that the current effect is only triggered if the effect with
    the number 3 is, too.

    The rest is again pretty much to your liking.

    I hope you found new tricks to improve your gameplay experience and
    enjoyed the reading.
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    awesome work aters, may give this a go when i get the chance.

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    Make one that tells you when to move in the fire. :D
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    just saw that ayu...the hate is back on.