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Jan 7, 2013
Colleague of mine's got a new website for her hubby's business and would like some advice on how to improve it, as well as good websites that 'teach'/'give info' about dos and donts for that type of stuff. I'm staying well clear given I know her, so would be great if you guys could take a look/post some links.

Any tips on social media also more than welcome.



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May 12, 2008
I've not done this for a long time so this is basicly what jumped out at me at first glance:

- Try limit amount of different fonts, fontsizes, and fontcolours. Especially across different pages
- Try keep colours consistent. Maybe it's my monitor at work but Mobytek green ontop looks different from the mobytek down below on the logo
Opening times:
As we come to you we are flexable with bookings.
- Sometimes Mobytek is written Mobytek, MoByTek, MOBYTEK
- The seperators on the right hand side even differ
- "About Us" page got a seperator at the top, while the others don't.
- "Workshop" page got a title for "The Workshop", while other pages dont have their resp. page titles repeated, instead having subtitles


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May 12, 2008
Page: Home
all cyclists in London and the South East.
Covering West London, the South East and beyond....

need a bit more care and attention than probably your local bike shop
our time to you on a one to one basis
should be one-on-one I think?

Page: the dedicated
You are training for an upcoming event and want to vary your route, ride the route of the race, or want to go a bit further afield to take advantage of the geographical challenges but it's either a long way to get there, or get back if something happens, then let us be your support vehicle.
Could probably be split up in real sentences instead of one run on.
We can set up feed and bottle stations
not sure on this one but is this food stations or feeding stations?
and should the worst happen,
could use a comma between "and" and "should".

Page: Corporate
Fully funded; no cost is borne by the employee, attendance and parts are all paid for by the employer, offer them a freebee.
last part reads a bit strange, maybe split up
up to 5 on a varity of subjects


Dec 2, 2010
Best Buddy got a lot of the mistakes already. The major flaw I see is the inconsistency across the board. Especially the font type should be fixed and I would prefer a smaller font size.
Second to that the scaling. The bar on the right side has this huge VISA etc logo while facebook and the newsletter boxes are cramped. Facebook isn't even usable for me as everything is on top of each other. Furthermore I wonder what purpose the second logo there has (on in the header one on the right).

On pages like "Commercial/Mechanical Service" there are subsections with only one bullet point like "Keep rolling" which looks very unclean.

All paragraphs are a bit too far moved in imo, especially after titles.

Just a small side node: get the site IPV6 ready, I'm currently noticing that immensely as IPV4 accesses are four times slower where I currently am and IPV6 doesn't cost a dime most likely for the website.


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May 12, 2008
I won't hide my enthousiasm over that.
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