For Sale: Nvidia GTX 670 Gigabyte


Mat Shaemon!
Sep 20, 2016
Howdy all!

Before I pop this on Ebay or some such site, wanted to see if anyone in guild was interested in purchasing it? Click Me for details on the card. Unsure on price at the moment, just want to gauge interest.

Happy to ship it throughout the EU.


Ready for raiding!
Aug 10, 2016
darn, i'd have to change power supply for that thing (maybe even the case :O )


Back in my day, we swam to Tanaan and we liked it
Feb 21, 2014
dont buy it! its bound to be contraband..this guy is from mansfield!....prolly assisted in 'falling off the back of a lorry'(by hijacking the lorry)
hang on from mansfield too.....and there is a gfx card missing from my lorry full of stolen gfx cards!
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