The other day me Aeq and Plog went wall walking and got into some pretty cool places, like in exploration the movie! so i took a few screen shots :D

Anyway i'll start with IF - the hidden airfield its got a Gryphon(or whatever they are called) point but no master also the entrance to old IF is to the left (but sealed off now :():

This next spot is right at the top of IF if you get a nogginfogger elixer you can jump and float right into menethil make sure you have a parachute cloak incase you hit land :shock:

These are some pics of the new instance to come in silthus - Ahn'Quiraj, its massive and not quite finished.... heres the other side of the entrance:

This room looks like there would be a boss in it but im not too sure, next to it is a cave but you fall through the floor there:

This here will be boss area(so it seems):

Here is my favourite place in this instance.... definately a boss area and its got teh cool slime that drips on you! :D

Next are some pic's of the Caverns Of Time the place is strange one minute your walking in a cave next your in space with wierd random things floating around you :shock:

Here are what i think to be the sands of time! and other floating things :shock:

Lastly is a pic of us in a random building with a chiar in it (took us a while to get in since we couldent see the walls) :shock:

Oh and proof that Hom killed plog last time not me!! 8)

I would finally like to thank Aeq for showing me all these places, you rock! :D