[DECLINED] Raider application: Quackza – Doomhammer – Warlock – Destro/Affl


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Jan 7, 2021
Tell us about yourself: Hello, my name is Chris, 22y old from Bulgaria. I've been playing WoW since TBC. Been playing in Blizzard since Draenor but quit because i didn't had quite the good setup back then.

Battle Tag: Lullaby#1329

Armory link (or wowprogress/raider.io): https://raider.io/characters/eu/doomhammer/Quackza?utm_source=addon

Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/doomhammer/Quackza

What is your motivation to applying to MM? I'm motivated in conquering all the raids that are to be released. Also i've been playing mainly solo /w pugs and i'd love to join a friendly guild with raid/dungeon experience.

Raiding experience with class/spec: Current expansion: CN - 10/10HC with my Warlock/Destro

What do you do to improve your character, play style and performance? Do you assess your own performance post raid? - I'm always trying to be updated with the latest changes about my class/spec. I'm experimenting on my own to upgrade my play style. Can say for myself that i'm really fast learner.

How comfortable would you be if we asked you to raid as your offpsec or on an alt character? - Won't be a problem for me. Since the release of the expansion i've been switching often my specs and trying to improve my performance on both of them. Logging on an alt won't be a problem as well - I got an MM Hunter that I'm currently playing the most.

Do you have a mic, a proper setup and internet connection to play the game competitively?
(i.e. a stable connection and approx. 30 fps in raids)
-AMD Ryzen 5 2600
-Nvidia GForce 2060
FPS ain't a problem. Also I have good mic and can join on every platform :)

We all need the occasional raiding day off for various reasons, any planned absences in the foreseeable future? - I'm currently unemployed due to the virus so can freely say I have no planed absences.

Do you have anything else to add?
The only thing I want to add is that if I am to be approved, I'd like to join with my alt hunter (IGN: Lubakulezich-Doomhammer) as well since I'm planning to make him my main in future.


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Jan 7, 2013
Hi Lubakulezich,

Thank you for you application. Unfortunately, we can't fit you in currently, therefore have to decline your application.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a nice raiding home.

Kind regards,