DECLINED: Application: Droghyy - Sylvanas -Ret paladin

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    Tell us about yourself:
    My name is Radu I come from Romania, I'm 27 years old .
    In real life I'm an accountant, I have dedicated my life to my profession and it seams I'm very good at it :), this is a reason I haven't been playing the game for a while so I could finish my studies and start my work .
    I have played the game since the start but more casual, I started raiding in WOTLK and continued a bit in cata then i stopped for my studies.
    Now i have returned and played the full legion...and I hope to finish antorus with all bosses down on mythic

    Battle Tag:

    Armoury link: (log out in main spec gear and include any relevant alts)

    What traits are your weapons at? What legendaries have you obtained?
    74,I have all the legendaries that matter,liandrin,belt,chest,and the cloak

    Warcraft Logs:

    Your UI in raid combat:

    Why are you applying to MM? How did you hear about us? Do you know anyone here?
    You guys are a very special guild , i understand you do everything old school,you have your own tactics, and basicaly that you respect the game.
    I want to have a spot in a super guild like yours and also i think a guild like yours will not just disapear.
    I found you on wow progress and i have been talking to Smaj

    Why are you leaving your current guild? If we were to look at your guild history, would we find anything concerning?

    The main reason i want to leave is that I stay on the bench , I want to actively raid...why be in a raiding guild if u don't get to raid.

    Raiding experience while current:
    Full Emerald Nightmare NM,7/7 mythic
    Mythic Nighthold 6/10 M, wiped on star augur mythic many times, and never finished him.
    Tomb of Sargeras I'm currently 9/9 hc and 6/9 mythic .....with over 100 wipes on maiden got her to 19%

    What is your main spec? How long have you played this?
    Dps for 3 months.
    I have played only tank untill that, now i've actually grown to like retribution and to master it.
    I'm also starting my holy spec...but it is a long way to go

    What is your stat priority? Explain why.
    Haste the best stat increases the speed that i cast and lowers the cd
    Crit=Mastery=Versa they are equall noadays.....i have invested most in crit .

    Why should we bring your class/spec to a raid? What do you feel is the defining feature of your class/spec?
    I'm doing good dps...and i have BOW

    What addons do you use to enhance your performance?
    I'm happy to use any other addon you guys use or to import any week aura to help the raid.

    Where do you find the latest information in relation to your class?
    wow head
    battle net

    What do you do outside of a raid to improve your character, play style and performance?
    I'm simcrafting myself,im using wow analyser and i look on youtube to improve.

    Do you ever change around talents depending on the encounter? If so please, give an example.
    I switch based on what kind of fight it will be, there are 2 kinds for the ret paladin single target or aoe,
    the benefit is that I can help the raid immensely if for example,
    you have a heavy minion fight where you have to get the adds down quickly like for example at Harajan.

    What is your offspec? How comfortable would you be if we asked you to raid as your offpsec?
    I can also play tank,i have always been playing tank and now i want to start the healing offspec.

    We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 20:00-23:00 Server Time. Are you able to commit to these times and days?


    Can you accept criticism? If not then do not apply, we frown upon shifting blame a lot more than people admitting to mistakes and improving on it.

    Yes that is what i want, if i make a mistake i want to know what i did wrong so i can corect it.

    Do you have a mic? Do you have a proper setup and internet connection to play the game competitively? (that is, at least 30 and ideally more fps in raids)
    I have G933 ARTEMIS SPECTRUM headset.
    100 Mega internet 30 ms/45 frames
    ASUS ROG G752VY-GC179T procesor Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ , 24GB Ram, GeForce GTX 980M 8GB and ofc Mouse Wireless Gaming Razer Mamba, USB, 16000 dpi, 5G

    We all need the occasional raiding day off for various reasons, but we expect these reasons so to be fully disclosed at as early a time as possible to make planning an easier process. Have you any planned absences in the foreseeable future that we should know about?
    I will let you know well in advance if i need a day off or have a RL problem

    Do you have anything else to add?
    I'm a very hard working and meticulous person .
    I can promise 100% attendance,nothing will get in my way when it comes to coming with you on raids.
    I come prepared for the raid with:fully repaired,fully enchanted (best possible enchants),flask,food,feast(500),tome tranquil,prepot,
    unbending potion, ancient healing potion, runes.
    I will always listen to the raid leader instructions, I'm very happy to take advises from the other guild members in order to improve my skill.
    I will always prepare for the raid in terms of reading and learning the fights.
    I want to become the best ret paladin you guys ever had, u will regret not taking me.
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    The linked log has pretty big gaps, it only shows Nighthold and no other raid or even recent activity. How come?
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    Hey Droghy!

    Thank you for your application, however I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial spot. Best of luck finding a guild!