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    So…. You have read about who we are, what we stand for, and, most importantly, you are still interested in us! Good news… we are also interested in you!

    Below you will find details regarding our recruitment process. If you would like to chat to an officer or have any recruitment related questions that our site has not answered, please contact one of our officers Menya(noyuki#2149) or Jaz(jazende#2641), via a pm on our forum or using battlenet, who will be happy talk to you. However, please avoid trying to contact us during raid times.

    Please use our raider application template to make your application We hope to be hearing from you soon!

    We’ll send you an acknowledgement of your application as soon as one of our officers picks it up. We aim to respond within 3 days after reviewing your application and discussing it internally – however, please be patient, as we might really like your application and are trying to see how you would fit into our current roster, or, we we might just be on holiday!

    If accepted, you will be offered a trial spot with full raider status in regards to responsibilities and rewards. While this period does not last a specific length of time, most trial periods last about four weeks. If we believe you have the potential but still need to work on a few things, we may choose to extend your trial. Do not be afraid to ask questions or for feedback.
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