Android, the real mobile platform


The Punisher
Dec 30, 2008
The Netherlands
For some dumb idiotic reason my Desire saves all apps right onto the phone internal card instead of SD.... So I constantly keep getting warnings that my space is getting low. I heard about an app called App2SD that can fix that problem, but I cannot seem to download/find it on the Market, while someone I know with another Android phone could find it on the Market. Anyone know why I cant find it, or another app that can fix my problem?


Sep 29, 2009
Apps generally run better from the internal card, hence it's the default - the ability to run from the external card was only added in 2.2 and some programs don't support it (e.g. Flash can't be moved).

App2SD isn't an app, but you can move the applications yourself - Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, Click the app you want to move, then click the move to SD option. Your phone needs to be running 2.2 for this option to be available, and not all applications will support it.