[Accepted] Raider - application: Verybigdaddy - Turalyon - Mdps(Tank) - Warrior

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    Tell us about yourself:
    Hi, i'm amir . i'm 24 y/o . im playing wow since cata and now playing like 24/7 bfa . my life is my job wow and gym nothing more to do.

    Battle Tag:

    Armoury link (or link wowprogress/raider.io):

    Warcraft Logs:
    my logs are old coz my guild stopped raiding for a while.

    Your UI in raid combat:


    Why are you applying to MM? How did you hear about us? Do you know anyone here?

    i heard abt your guild on trade chats and more on warcraft progress website

    Why are you leaving your current guild? If we were to look at your guild history, would we find anything concerning?

    they just stopped raiding and no one comes online anymore its make game more boring when you have no guildies to play with or raid with them.

    Raiding experience while current:

    9/9 HC BOD
    3/9 M BOD
    2/2 HC COS

    What is your main spec? How long have you played this?
    my main is fury warrior and i played this for like 6 months in this patch .
    and 1 year on hunter (BM/MM) on last patch (Legion)

    What is your stat priority? Explain why.
    Fury warrior stat priority depends on azerite traits if u have CSHB it will be : Crit > haste > mastry > versa in this method warrior needs more crit to do crits on bloodthirst and more rage build and enrage up time .
    and if u dont have CSHB : Haste > mastry > crit = versa and here the reason is more haste faster rampages faster animation and more enrage up time .
    and mastry is for more dps on enrage and enrage will give warrior more haste.

    Why should we bring your class/spec to a raid? What do you feel is the defining feature of your class/spec?

    fury warrior has a good burst damage and good survivibility / mobility during fights and have 10% melee damage buff and Rallying cry somtimes to help the raid and i can tank with it if raid needs it.

    What addons do you use to enhance your performance?:


    Where do you find the latest information in relation to your class?
    bloodmallet / icy veins / raid bots / simcraft / youtube videos / any warrior has more dps than me

    What do you do outside of a raid to improve your character, play style and performance?:

    i check warcraft logs of other warrior or ask them in game / youtube clips and everything that can help me be a better warrior.
    and i do M+ most of the days as tank or dps.

    Do you ever change around talents depending on the encounter? If so please, give an example.

    best warrior tallent for raids is 2122123 for singel target for bosses like conclav if stun needed warrior can take stun . it dont make much diffrence to dps as a warrior .

    What is your offspec? How comfortable would you be if we asked you to raid as your offpsec?:

    my OS is prot and im ok with it can tank everywhere you need me .

    We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 20:00-23:00 Server Time. Are you able to commit to these times and days?
    yes im totally fine with these days.

    Can you accept criticism? If not then do not apply, we frown upon shifting blame a lot more than people admitting to mistakes and improving on it.

    it can help everyone to improve their gameplay and im ok with it .

    Do you have a mic? Do you have a proper setup and internet connection to play the game competitively? (that is, at least 30 and ideally more fps in raids):


    We all need the occasional raiding day off for various reasons, but we expect these reasons so to be fully disclosed at as early a time as possible to make planning an easier process. Have you any planned absences in the foreseeable future that we should know about?

    not currently.
    wow is my priority but if anything comes up i will let you know.

    Do you have anything else to add?

    i would be happy to join you and be a part of your guild .
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    Accepted, please poke an officer for an invite.