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    Tell us about yourself:
    They call me Serkan Caliskan and I am 25 years old living near Amsterdam. I’m Turkish therefore I love kebabs. You can wake me up for kebabs, or slap me with a kebab, or even better: we can share a kebab. I just finished my MSc. In Strategic management, and I’m currently following a traineeship in Business IT. Regarding my WoW history I’ll sum it up in a few bullet points:

    • Started early TBC, did play in vanilla but on a friends account
    • Raided in TBC with several guilds:
    1. Seven
    2. The Devils Backbone
    3. NiD (started raiding with them at the release of SWP. Killing kalecgos pre nerf patch.
    • WOTLK:
    1. NiD (raided till Ulduar with them, and took a break in that period)
    2. Pure (did lich king with them)
    • Cataclysm: Didn’t do major raiding
    • MoP: Idem
    • WoD: Became active for the last raid patch, and cleared HFC mythic with Entity
    • Legion: Didn’t do major raiding
    The above is a pretty clear summary of who I am, and my raiding history.

    Battle Tag:

    Armoury link (or link wowprogress/raider.io): (log out in main spec gear and include any relevant alts): Click me to view my awesome mage!

    Warcraft Logs:
    I’ve found a M Archimonde kill back in WoD. It is not recent I know, but it is the best I can give, which can give you an indication of my performance: Mythic Archimonde

    Your UI in raid combat:

    Why are you applying to MM? How did you hear about us? Do you know anyone here?
    I’m a veteran of this realm. You should instant ban me if I wouldn’t know the existence of MM. As the new expansion is around the corner, I’ve found a new home here in MM, and I am eager to raid again. Your 3 day raiding schedule fits perfect with my needs.

    Why are you leaving your current guild? If we were to look at your guild history, would we find anything concerning?
    I am already in MM. I left Entity because it died out. I left Pure because it was not the Pure from back in the days.

    Raiding experience while current:

    What is your main spec? How long have you played this?
    Currently I am frost, most likely the first raid I’ll also stay frost. But if data shows otherwise, I’ll switch specs. I’ve played all the specs during my WoW life, so I am comfortable with playing all the specs. Even though they have changed during the course of the game.

    What is your stat priority? Explain why.

    1. A hunger for intellect: it is the primary stat, self-explanatory.
    2. Getting the crit cap (33,3%): efficiently make use of my shatter ability
    3. After the above two it is really dependant on the context (i.e. single/multiple targets?)

    Haste: when single
    Verse: when multiple
    Followed by > mastery> more crit after the cap

    Why should we bring your class/spec to a raid? What do you feel is the defining feature of your class/spec?
    I’m a mage. I bring AI since the new patch, and I am a steady provider of portals and mage food. I can also decurse, which is easy with the decursive add on. On a more serios note: I bring a good amount of damage and flexibility to the raid as a mage class.

    What addons do you use to enhance your performance?
    Add ons that have a direct effect on the performance are: Bigwigs, WA, currently I am trying to remake my UI as the new expansion is around the corner. So this is WIP.

    Where do you find the latest information in relation to your class?
    Well the latest information is always up first on MMO champ, but a more in depth analysis of the information is always ready to be read at Altered time (discord).

    What do you do outside of a raid to improve your character, play style and performance?
    Analyse logs of other mages, watch videos and roam on forums on how a certain fight can be tackled from a mage pov.

    Do you ever change around talents depending on the encounter? If so please, give an example.
    As I haven’t raided recently I cannot think of a relevant encounter.

    What is your offspec? How comfortable would you be if we asked you to raid as your offpsec?

    Fire would be my second choice of spec in the next expansion, and I am pretty comfortable with the spec. Of course you still need to get back into the flow, but that is just a matter of repeating the combinations on a dummy.

    We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 20:00-23:00 Server Time. Are you able to commit to these times and days?

    Can you accept criticism? If not then do not apply, we frown upon shifting blame a lot more than people admitting to mistakes and improving on it.

    Do you have a mic? Do you have a proper setup and internet connection to play the game competitively? (that is, at least 30 and ideally more fps in raids)
    I do, and yes.

    We all need the occasional raiding day off for various reasons, but we expect these reasons so to be fully disclosed at as early a time as possible to make planning an easier process. Have you any planned absences in the foreseeable future that we should know about?

    Do you have anything else to add?
    Do you like your kebab with or without sauce?
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    eyyy sc!
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    Ayu calls his penis "The Kebab". It's how he tricks drunk women to come home with him. Just a warning :<
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    are you accepting 'the application' or 'the kebab thing'?
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    Why not both?
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    ehehe......11/10 gg! would put lashings of cheap mayonnaise and chilli sauce on ayu's kebab again.
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