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    [Accepted] Raider application: Asyrr – Killrog – Resto – Druid

    The true crime is you're using white theme
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    [Accepted] Raider Application: Wyspera - Silvermoon - Shadow - Priest

    Priest logs : Shaman logs :
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    The MM Alt and Social Raid Thread.

    Don't worry, also means Damn Witch's DH is screwed. BM Hunter talking :thinking: kys
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    Quality of Life Addons

    I get that with Elvui :S
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    I have a potential Death Knight :D. So now we need either another DPS and I try BrM but I need to get gear for that spec and then learn it or a resto druid with balance/feral OS. Remember to those considering it please get somewhat BiS just to make life easier :D Timewalking starts tomorrow so....
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    I have BiS BM and MM on my hunter and decent BiS for WW on my monk. I could learn BrM and get gear for CMs but most of that is just from timewalking events. Here is a list of BiS for the 'best' classes in CM....
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    Realms pretty dead for that, 5 of the 8 are done in boosting groups. If people are willing to get a CM BiS and practice shouldn't be too difficult. But then again certain classes are needed like a Blood DK so might not even be possible. I like a bit of challenge in new areas :D.
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    Regarding CM's, is there anyone up for becoming sweaty CM players and getting realm bests?:3