Havoc Demon Hunters - WeakAuras


The other Hunt
Apr 12, 2016
Hi Guys,

So seeing as Demon Hunter is new to the game and loads of people are playing or wanting to play them, I thought I would take the time to make a few WeakAuras for Havoc (DPS). They are simple but I feel that they are effective enough to use during raids or solo content.

So, from what I have read, Demon Blades seems to be the biggest DPS increase for Havoc. That being the case, I figured it would be quite helpful to have a Swing Timer WeakAuras, just so that you are able to better plan your rotation and somewhat "predict" how much Fury you are going to be generating.

The Swing Timer WeakAura: Download

Main-Hand (Right) will progress from Right to Left and the Off-Hand will progress from Left to Right. If you are wondering, they are two seperate progress bars, so you can move them as you please.

So, similar to my Hunter WeakAuras, I have a group of icons that will be situated above my Swing Timer/Fury Bar, these will track a wide range of buffs that can be generated or maintained by a Havoc Demon Hunter.

Havoc Buff WeakAuras: Download

As these improve and as we gain our abilities, I will keep these updated on my Pastebin. I will also update this post with Vengeance WeakAuras, as soon as I have created them.

But for now,

See you all in Raid/Guild Chat/Around the World...of Warcraft (yeah, I did that..)
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