[Declined] Raider application: Roni - DefiasBrotherhood - Restoration - Shaman

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Jan 6, 2022
Tell us about yourself: 22yo Finnish guy. Secretive x)

Battle Tag: Roni#21900

Armory link (or wowprogress/raider.io):
Warcraft Logs:
What is your motivation to applying to MM?
Looking to join a friendly but progression-focused alliance guild that isn't insanely sweaty and after browsing through wowprogress MM seemed like a great option.

Raiding experience with class/spec:
I've mained restoshaman since I started playing in MoP but only got into mythic raiding in Uldir (7/8M). Never achieved CE but most recently had 9/10M in Nathria.

What do you do to improve your character, play style and performance? Do you assess your own performance post raid?
Apart from keeping up with the the latest theorycrafting I might check the damage profiles of boss fights on warcraftlogs if/when I find something challenging.

How comfortable would you be if we asked you to raid as your offpsec or on an alt character?

I can play elemental to some extent although I haven't played it in real mythic raids yet. Not so sure about alt characters.

Do you have a mic, a proper setup and internet connection to play the game competitively? (i.e. a stable connection and approx. 30 fps in raids)
Got decent ping and fps but probably prefer not using mic especially at start x)

We all need the occasional raiding day off for various reasons, any planned absences in the foreseeable future?
Nothing planned until summer at least.

Do you have anything else to add?

I know based on wowprogress you're not recruiting healers atm so I'm open to learning elemental better as well.


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Jan 7, 2013
Hi Roni,

thanks for your app. We'll discuss it and get back to you soon.



You need help.
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Aug 26, 2005
Hey Roni,

unfortunately we cannot offer you a raiding spot at this time. We are quite full on healers and doing well enough on DPS that we wouldn't be able to slot you in until you found your footing in mythic raiding as Elemental.

Wish you all the luck in finding a more suitable place.
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