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    So, new computer

    AMD is fine yea. It's usually the preferred CPU type for budget PC's since they tend to be a bit cheaper.
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    Antorus Kill Videos

    I'm not sure if I'd personally have chosen to have a big static picture of Reinhardt stuck on my UI at all times, but hey, you do you.
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    Pre Patch 8.0 releasing 4th of July or 27th of June? For those still wondering. 18th for Europe.
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    Pre Patch 8.0 releasing 4th of July or 27th of June?

    For those that missed it, they said during the Q&A that they wouldn't give a release date for it until they were pretty much done and knew that it could be out the door by then. And you won't be downloading anything from the PTR until it's marked as a release build afaik. That'd be kind of....
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    Pre Patch 8.0 releasing 4th of July or 27th of June?

    I wish they'd just announce it early so people (or rather,guilds in particular) knew how long they had left. But I don't think the 4th of July is out of the question. American Holiday and all that. I think it'd either be 4th or 11th. I'm not sure we'll see the patch some out before the changes....
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    ACCEPTED: Raider application: Shandril – Doomhammer – Fire – Mage

    Assuming things can be dangerous. I don't want to dig too much into this, as I'm not part of the officer team myself anymore (so I can really only speculate as to why it took so long), but we're at the end of a tier, and trialing people near the end of tier's when almost every boss is on farm....
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    Please help me with this fuckery

    You got Retribution from your own death? Nice
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    BFA Alpha (Now BETA) Activities

    Which NPC did you talk to to do the horde dungeons?
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    BFA Alpha (Now BETA) Activities

    Idk how it'll be on live, but atm Horde and Alliance gets 4 different dungeons each. Atleast at low level normal dungeon queue'ing. It's not like you can't do both horde and ally though on the beta. As for the getting an invite thing, they're sending out invites in waves and have done at....
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    BFA Alpha (Now BETA) Activities

    Which server you pick doesn't actually matter. They're connected like Turalyon / Doomhammer, so you can still join guilds cross server. Although obviously only horde scum belongs on Sylvanas, Anduin best server.
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    ACCEPTED: Raider application: Byako – norddrassil – fury – warrior

    Hey Byako! Thank you for your application! We'll discuss it and get back to you soon:) Regards, Wizie
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    ACCEPTED Social Raider application: Juumi - Turalyon - Assassination - Rogue

    Hey Juumi. I'm happy to let you know that we've decided to accept you as social:) Just give any of our officers a shout and we'll invite you. Hope to see you soon. Regards, Wizie
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    Zandalari druid forms

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    Zandalari druid forms

    Here's my bet:
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    Zandalari druid forms

    That's definitely a horde druid form, look at all those spikes