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    Castle Nathria Mythic Kill Videos

    Hi, For those interested in our kill of the mythic bosses in this first tier of Shadowlands. Ill try post my PoV. If Im not in for the kill (aka benched) Ill post when I get the chance for a kill :). Shriekwing Mythic - Enhancement Shaman PoV
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    New GPU - maybe?

    Of what I saw Whitepaw, the 3080 is set to 4500 DKK wich is really cheap compared to 20xx series and the power gain from it. I think the release is set to 17th of september.
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    So, new monitor!

    Thanks for using the correct site in Denmark for shopping ;) Anyways, the hz as mentioned around 144 is enough Always go for 1ms respond. The one you linked to has 4ms wich isnt good at all. Other than that, Spravv seems to have covered it :)
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    Eternal Palace Mythic Kill Videos

    New thread, new videos! EDIT: I have now made so you can actually see the video :D Abyssal Commander Sivara: Blackwater Behemoth Radiance of Azshara:
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    Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic Kill Videos

    Updated mine with a kill vid aswell. They are really terribad :D
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    [Accepted] Raider - application: Psypres - Doomhammer - Mdps - DK

    I approve this message! He dies less than me.
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    Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic Kill Videos

    Appearently you cant have more than 5 media links in one reply.. High Tinker Mekkatorque: Stormwall Blockade:
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    [Accepted] Raider application: Asyrr – Killrog – Resto – Druid

    Pff, he doesnt even remember the total years of our friendship :(
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    Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic Kill Videos

    Im slow, I know! Dont have Rastakhan ... :/ But here are my videos - @Damn Witch - you are free to share them on wowprogress and whereever you promote us :) Champions of the light: Jadefire Masters: Grong the Revenant: Opulence: Conclave of the Chosen:
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    Weekly Mythic + Group

    Ask me if Im online, there is a good chance Im in for it :)
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    Mannoroth fails

    I remember this! Glorious days! Good to see you again Persa :D
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    Shammy Alt

    I have no idea of this specc you speak of.