So, new monitor!

Should Whitepaw get a new monitor?

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  • He plays Feral, so he doesn’t need a monitor anyway

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Depends on what are you looking for. The one you've linked is VA panel. It's a middle-ground between TN and IPS, has great 'on paper' contrast ratios which are not always there. If you mainly game, and you are let's say competitive CS:GO or w/e else flicker shooter player, then look for TN's. If you rarely play at all, but meddling with photo/video editing then IPS is your friend with best color representation.

Don't go 240Hz - you most likely won't notice a difference. Jump from 60Hz to 120Hz/144Hz is huge, anything more is mostly marketing.

G-Sync = extra money. Unless you really want it, I'd go with freesync (as for some time already it's being supported by Nvidia too) it is open source, which means it's not significantly more expensive.

If you go for 27'' 1080p then I'd recommend ASUS VG279Q. If you can spend a bit more money, I'd look for something 1440p with 100Hz+.

If you can pull it off, I'd buy 2-3 monitors on-line and return the 2 you don't like within 14-days window you have according to EU laws. That's what I did :p
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Aug 13, 2012
Thx Spravv!

I can afford a more expensive monitor, but I think a 1080p is sufficient, and adding pixels puts a strain on the GPU. I like frames per second > pixels.

That monitor looks really cool. Stunning colours, with very low latency, would be awesome!


So, basically Light?
Dec 18, 2015
Thanks for using the correct site in Denmark for shopping ;)

Anyways, the hz as mentioned around 144 is enough
Always go for 1ms respond. The one you linked to has 4ms wich isnt good at all.
Other than that, Spravv seems to have covered it :)


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Jan 29, 2020
My previous monitor broke so I ordered an asus rog strix myself which I found really good after testing it from some friends. My previous one was an hp 27x and it lasted for less than a year so I had no trust in buying an hp again


Aug 13, 2012
I bought the Asus display and it’s great!

But my gfx card only supports 60 hz, so I’ll soon replace that