I'm not sure what happened but I need your help.

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Jul 2, 2010

I was on the stream and suddenly got banned due to "triggering the text flood protection". I'm not sure what I did wrong as I didn't write much at all. I only mentioned that the co-host was very beautiful and that I was happy that someone finally showed their face on the stream (very brave and a huge thumbs up). If I ever do something that I'm not supposed to then please tell me so that I can improve. I only want to be nice to everyone and I really enjoy chatting as I don't really talk that much in real life. Taking that away from me makes me very sad as it was a huge part of my life! I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and do your best to help me out.

Thanks in advance,
QQ the Poemwriting Stalker (Rofl! a title given by a funny guy on the stream ^^)



You need help.
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Aug 26, 2005
Haha, I didn't even see the porn tabs in FF or the folder named "Scarce voice recording" below. You, sir, are a skilled troll. :V

Scarce bukakke high five:



Nov 25, 2005
the porn tabs in FF or the folder named "Scarce voice recording"

Looks like Ayu has finally met his stalker overlord. :eek:

In case this guy is not the best troll ever, I have saved that screenshot to my computer. :D