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  1. Nishua
    Starfall addict. Starfall killed Menya. Overkill: 530
  2. Martin
    Martin Joyma
    hi am supposed to write to you about joining the social raiding and joining the guild. I would like to be able to send in a proper application for social raiding as mine was not following the guidlines becuase i only found the one for normal raiding and not social.
  3. Jager
    I have sacrificed everything. What have you given?
  4. Shandril
    Ready to see Aggramar mythic death!
  5. Pakos
    Pakos Tyche
    come online today night so we can do some pvp with ravii :)
  6. Galatea
  7. Awaké
    Haha, Asleep..
  8. Bani
    ungrateful dyslexic little hopping fella
  9. Lumaa
  10. Hoyer
    Who plays worgen anyway
  11. Galatea
    Ayu Needs Help.
  12. Shishir
    Why does it say I'm 16 Lmao
  13. Smaj
    Smaj Pekke
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  14. Daydara
    My main is called Daydara. But people know me as Reap
  15. Whitepaw
    Whitepaw Ded
    I'll get on it tonight :)
    1. Ded
      Managed to find any? :)
      Oct 25, 2016
  16. Whitepaw
    Whitepaw Ded
    £10 is fine. I would love to have an avatar with me in nelf form, wearing Dreamwalker (Druid tier 3) and a Feral cat, to symbolise the shapeshifting aspect. Is that possible?
    1. Ded
      Got any screenshots of your character? Wearing that armour if you have it.
      Oct 11, 2016
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  17. Whitepaw
    Whitepaw Ded
    Hi Ded

    Could you make me an avatar? And what is the price?
    1. Ded
      I could :) I've been asking £10 (paypal) if that's alright.
      Oct 11, 2016
  18. Melseru
  19. Melseru
  20. Melseru